Hobart Sanitary District-FOG Outreach

Grease is a problem for all of us. It doesn't break down in water and tends to separate from other liquids. This can cause problems in your pipes and ours. FOG commonly finds its way into the sewer system through drains, toilets, and dishwashers from homes, restaurants, and businesses. Oil and grease from drains accumulate in the pipe system over time. As grease cools, the fat sticks to the walls of pipes and hardens decreasing pipe capacity. Blockages of sanitary pipes can result in damaged equipment and infrastructure and backups of sewage into businesses or homes. This is called a “Sanitary Sewer Overflow” or SSO.

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As our community grows, so do the demands on public infrastructure. Sewer lines and pump stations require more frequent maintenance, wastewater treatment costs rise, and backups need to be prevented. The FOG Program is focused on protecting the community’s sanitary sewer infrastructure by preventing clogs and backups resulting from improper disposal of FOG.

The HSD has developed information specific to each type of FOG generator: