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Hobart High School Criminal Justice Course
The Hobart Police Department partners with the School City of Hobart to offer a Law Enforcement and Homeland Security course. This course includes specialized classroom and practical experiences related to public safety occupations such as law enforcement, loss protection services and homeland security. Training is based on standards and content similar to that provided by officially designated law enforcement agencies. Instructions includes procedures for patrolling on foot or in an automobile during the day or at night; dealing with misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, and accidents; investigative and evidence collection procedures; making arrests and testifying in court. Oral and written communication skills are reinforced through activities that model public relations and crime prevention efforts as well as the preparation of police reports.

This course covers the foundation of the criminal justice system including how crime is defined through norms and the law, history and structure of policing, police roles, styles, and functions, ethics, court structure, sentencing, appeals, correction institutions, community corrections, and juvenile justice.

For more information on our Hobart High School Criminal Justice Course view our brochure.

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