Construction Projects

3rd Street Reconstruction 

Complete reconstruction of the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, lighting and trees of 3rd Street from Ash Street to Lake Park Avenue. Indiana American Water continues installing services after repairing multiple water main breaks in the area.  Restoration and sodding will start by both Dyer and IAW when the weather warms up. 

Status: In Progress

Ash Commons Development

Cornerstone is continuing the development of Ash Commons.  First Group is providing inspection services of new infrastructure including storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, roadways and concrete pours as shown on design plans.

Status: In Progress

Colorado Street at US 30

The “No U-Turn” signs are in place.  The city has met with Sam’s Club, Wendy’s, and KFC to discuss the future parking lot and street configurations now that the signalized intersection has been moved south.  We are waiting on a proposal from 1st Group to design the connector street and expect it to be constructed later this summer which is approximately the time Sam’s Club will be reconfiguring their parking lot.

Status: In Progress

Cressmoor Estates -  Development

DR Horton is in the process of removing the contaminated soil.  We are continuously monitoring the work.

Status: In Progress

Destination Playground at Hobart Pool

A centralized, attraction type playground has been installed at the pool site. Fencing and landscaping to be completed in the Spring of 2024.

Status: Playground Complete Fall 2023, Project Completion Spring 2024

Duck Creek Restoration Phase II

The HSD awarded the project to Merjent and anticipates this project starting in the spring.  The project is restoring a tributary of Duck Creek to alleviate flooding and improve water quality and habitat.

Status: In Progress

Marcella and 61st RAB

Utility relocation is underway and INDOT has awarded the project to Rieth-Riley. April 1, 2024, is the earliest start date allowed by the contract for Rieth-Riley. Most of this roundabout will be constructed under traffic to limit the time of the full closure because it is such a key intersection for the city.

Status: In Progress


The HSD’s efforts to video and rate all pipes and manholes should be completed this year (2024) as Redzone returns for the final phase. Absolute Pipe is working around the city cleaning the sewers prior to inserting their cameras.

Status: In Progress

Sanitary Sewer Relining

Performance Pipelining has completed all work except the laterals along 3rd Street due to finding broken laterals that needed to be repaired prior to the relining.

Status: In Progress

SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) for Lift Stations

The SCADA system is in the final stages of implementation.  The system allows data on station operations to be collected such as pump run times, wet well levels, rain gauges, power outages, power usage, security, and pump failures. With remote monitoring and control capability, SCADA reduces the number of visits to station sites and promotes more efficient use of resources. Data collected facilitates maintenance and repair and helps to identify inflow and infiltration, and pump capacity issues. 

Status: In Progress

Stinky Creek/Cressmoor Diversion Pipe

The HSD has been approved by the LCRBDC for assistance with the design, and ultimately the construction of, a storm water diversion tunnel from approximately Old Ridge Road at Hillman Park north to Deep River through Lake Station and New Chicago. The tunnel will also divert Turkey Creek Lateral 6 and may lower the flood waters in Lake George by as much as one foot. This project is 75% designed waiting on a funding decision from the LCRBDC.  Permitting is underway, including the railroad coordination and permitting.

Status: 2024

Cleveland (SR51) and N. Hobart Rd. (SR 130) Roundabout

INDOT awarded the project to Milestone who anticipates an April 1, 2024, start date, weather dependent.  Utility relocation is still ongoing in preparation.  INDOT has planned a 90-day full closure of the intersection which will likely start in April.

Status: April 2024

Wisconsin Street Bridge

Lake County has completed a bridge inspection to evaluate the bridge and believes we can safely bid this late summer/early fall.  Frontier was scheduled to have their service moved from the bridge by the 2nd week in January.

Status: Rescheduled for Fall 2024

DES1801906 TRAX

The railroad is in the process of relocating their equipment ahead of the project.  The contractor is scheduled to start March 1st but railroad and NIPSCO delays may push that back.  The full road closure is planned for February 26, 2024, through June 1, 2025, the road will remain open until the project starts.

Status: Updated to begin in Spring 2024

DES 1703043 INDOT SR51 Bridge Replacement

INDOT will be replacing the bridge that crosses over Deep River, south of 61st Avenue, during the summer of 2023.

Status: Rescheduled to begin the week of March 11, 2024.

73rd Avenue Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer MCD Project - Mississippi to Clay

The Merrillville Conservancy District will be constructing a Low Pressure Sewer System along 73rd Ave from approximately Mississippi Street to Clay Street.  MCD and the HSD will be assisting home owners to connect to the sewer system and abandon their septic systems.

Status: Rescheduled Summer 2024

Main Lift Station Reconstruction and Parallel Force Main

Force main construction continues and should be wrapping up in the next couple months.  The boring under Lake George along Cleveland Ave is almost complete and the open trench installation is expected to be past Ridgelawn in mid-February.  The Guaranteed Savings Contract is currently projected to be under budget.

Status: In Progress Spring 2023

Annual Paving Program

Various streets throughout the city will be resurfaced this year.  The precise list is still being determined based on the condition assessment by Public Works.

Status: In Progress Spring 2024

Reconstruction of S LaSalle Street (W Third Street to W 49th Avenue)

Dyer construction is going to start the reconstruction of LaSalle St - 49th Ave to 3rd St in the Spring (weather dependent).  This is a 2023 CCMG project and has some additional storm sewer work in it to fix drainage problems in the area.  

Status:   Spring 2024

INDOT Culvert Replacement SR51 and SR130

INDOT Frog Creek Culvert replacement just North of the intersection of SR51 and SR130.

Status: April to July 2024

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