Construction Projects

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regarding construction projects currently happening in the City of Hobart.

2021 On-Going Projects

Wisconsin Street Bridge

o    Lake County will begin a project to rebuild the Wisconsin Street Bridge over Lake George in the fall of 2017 to address structural issues.  This project is being coordinated with the replacement of the 3rd Street Bridge over Lake George and the reconstruction of the Wisconsin Street causeway through Lake George in 2018 by the city.

Main Lift Station Reconstruction and Parallel Force Main

o    The Main Lift Station and its force main have been in service for more than 35 years and providing redundancy to this aging infrastructure will increase the reliability, and potentially the capacity, of our system.  The design is expected to begin this year with construction possibly starting in 2023 and finishing in 2024.

Shelby Street Storm Sewer

o    A new storm sewer will be constructed along Shelby Street from Division Street to High Street to alleviate standing water problems in that area and address the detention pond outlets in the Liberty Heights subdivision.  The project will also likely involve corrections to the storm system in the Liberty Heights subdivision.

Linda and Cleveland Sewer Reconstruction

o    This project will reconstruct approximately 2,000 feet of 36-inch sewer along Linda Street and Cleveland Avenue to increase flow capacities, correct adverse grades in the existing line, and eliminate the SSO at the intersection Linda Street and Cleveland Avenue.  

2021 Paving Program

o    Various streets throughout the city will be resurfaced this year.  The precise list is still being determined based on the condition assessment Public Works just completed.

Lake Access Settlement behind City Hall

o    The anchor block walls and sidewalks behind city hall are experiencing settlement.  This will need to be rectified through a future project.

Delaware Street and Wisconsin Street Improvements

o    The city is going to reconstruct Delaware Street from Cleveland Ave. to Home Ave. to widen the street for school buses and extend storm sewers with storm water laterals to the homes on the block.  The project may also include a traffic signal at Wisconsin Street and Cleveland Ave.

Pool Playground

o    A centralized, attraction type playground is planned at the pool site.  This will be a final future phase once the pool building, splash pad, and site improvements are completed.  Design has not yet begun on this final phase.

Colorado Street Safety Improvements

o    This is a Federal HSIP project to reconstruct Colorado Street at US 30 in order to eliminate line of sight issues and reconfigure drive access points to improve safety.  The pavement will be reconstructed and the signal at US30 and Colorado Street will be replaced.  Dual left turn lanes onto US30 will be added.

69th Avenue

o    While Phase I was completed in 2020, Phase II will be completed in 2021.  Phase II includes the reconstruction and widening of 69th Ave and the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of 69th Ave and Colorado Street.

Deep River Outfall

o    Completed in 2021, this project was the final phase of the downtown storm sewer reconstruction work.  This project replaced and increased the size of storm sewers under Main Street, Front Street, and Old Ridge Road to a new outfall to Deep River.  The project also included a large hydrodynamic separator to remove suspended solids from the storm water flow before it reaches Deep River.

Community Crossing Matching Grant Fund

o    The city 2020 CCMG project will continue this year with resurfacing and sidewalk work on 8th Street from Wisconsin to Colorado Street, on 3rd Street from Colorado Street to the western dead end and on Home Avenue from Michigan to Kelly.

Marcella and 61st RAB

o    Design continues with the roundabout at the intersection of 61st Ave and Marcella Boulevard.  The roundabout is proposed to be two lanes with construction work starting in 2024.  The intersection is expected to close for a period of six months during construction.  Marcella will not be able to start construction unless Northwind Parkway is open 

I-65 Interchange at 69th Avenue

o    The city continues to push for a new interchange on I-65 at 69th Avenue to relieve congestion at Mississippi Street and US 30 and at Marcella and 61st Avenue.  INDOT has asked the city to restart discussions with them when a large development on 69th Avenue or Colorado Street begins.


o    The HSD’s efforts to video and rate all pipes and manholes should be completed this year as Redzone returns for the final phase and will take over the responsibility of cleaning the lines prior to inserting their cameras.


o    The design of the railroad overpass at Colorado Street and the Canadian North/Grand Trunk & Western (CN/GTW) railroad is underway.  Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2022 with the street being closed for most of the nine month construction.

MCD 73rd Ave LPS

o    The Merrillville Conservancy District will be constructing a Low Pressure Sewer System along 73rd Ave from approximately Mississippi Street to Clay Street.  MCD and the HSD will be assisting home owners to connect to the sewer system and abandon their septic systems.

County Line Road

o    County Line Road from Cleveland Avenue to Highway 6 will be reconstructed as part of a federal aid project.  The design is almost complete and the right-of-way is being purchased to prepare for construction.  Sidewalks and a third lane will be added to address residents’ concerns and curb and gutter will be installed.

INDOT 10th and Lincoln

o    INDOT will be constructing a right turn lane on southbound SR51 at 10th and Lincoln this summer.

INDOT RAB at SR51 and SR130

o    INDOT will be constructing a roundabout at the intersection of SR51 and SR130 to improve traffic flow and safety in 2023.

Southside Deep Sewer

o    The City of Hobart, HSD, and Redevelopment Commission will be building a trunk sanitary sewer south of 61st Ave near Colorado Street as part of a long range plan to reach the Ainsworth area with sewers and to facilitate development in the vacant along the route.

Stinky Creek/Cressmoor Diversion Pipe

o    The HSD has applied to the LCRBDC for assistance with the design, and ultimately the construction of, a storm water diversion tunnel from approximately Old Ridge Road at Hillman Park north to Deep River through Lake Station and New Chicago.  The tunnel will also divert Turkey Creek Lateral 6 and may lower the flood waters in Lake George by as much as one foot.

Liberty School SW and Access

o    Improvements to Lawrence, Home, and Liberty Streets are planned to facilitate school access and eliminate drainage problems.

2021 Sewer Rehabilitation

o    The HSD is beginning design of a sewer rehabilitation project for the summer of 2021.  The goal will be to repair and rehabilitate pipes selected based on the Redzone condition assessment to stabilize them and eliminate inflow and infiltration of clean water into the sanitary system.


o    A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system is being added to all HSD lift stations to monitor flows and alert the District to any outages in real time.

Pembroke Drainage Swale

o    A small drainage swale will be constructed along the western subdivision property line to facilitate drainage into the existing storm water system.

2021 Sidewalk Program

o    Sidewalks will be repaired within the city to eliminate some of the worst instances of ADA non-compliance.

Edgewater Stabilization

o    While temporary repairs have been made to Edgewater Drive at Hidden Lake, soil borings have been completed to facilitate the design of permanent stabilization measures to keep the road and sidewalk from settling as the hill subsidizes toward the water.

83rd Ave

o    An unsuccessful application for federal aid was submitted to NIRPC in 2020 to connect 83rd Ave at Harms Road directly to Colorado Street with a future connection extending from Colorado Street to the ring road around the mall.  This will allow 83rd Avenue to act as a relief road for US30.  The extension of the C&O bike Trail is planned to be part of this project.

78th/79th Ave

o    This project will extend 79th Ave from the current small section along SR51/Grand Boulevard west all the way to Mississippi Street.  The street is intended to be a future relief road for US30. 

DQ Turn Lane    

o    A right turn lane is being investigated for SR51 at the Hobart Dairy Queen to improve safety at this location.


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