Construction Projects


The HSD’s efforts to video and rate all pipes and manholes should be completed this year as Redzone returns for the final phase and will take over the responsibility of cleaning the lines prior to inserting their cameras.

Status: In Progress

82nd Avenue Construction Project

Maintenance of traffic, excavation, installation of storm sewers, backfilling, grading, installation of curb and gutter, pavement, grass and landscape restoration, pavement markings and directional signs, and all other related work and appurtenances for the construction of 82nd Avenue.

Status: In Progress Fall 2022

Ash Commons Development

Provide inspection services of new infrastructure including storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, roadways and concrete pours as shown on design plans

Status: In Progress 2022


A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system is being added to all HSD lift stations to monitor flows and alert the District to any outages in real time.

Status: In Progress 2022

Festival Park Bathroom Addition

The Festival Park bathroom addition is currently being built adjacent to the Community Center.  The women's restroom will have 10 stalls while the men's will have 3 stalls and 7 urinals.  There will also be one family restroom.  The project is set to be complete at the end of July.  

Status: In Progress Spring 2023

Main Lift Station Reconstruction and Parallel Force Main

The Main Lift Station and its force main have been in service for more than 35 years and providing redundancy to this aging infrastructure will increase the reliability, and potentially the capacity, of our system.  Construction has started with an intent to be done by 2025.

Status: In Progress Spring 2023

Annual Paving Program

Various streets throughout the city will be resurfaced this year.  The precise list is still being determined based on the condition assessment by Public Works.

Status: In Progress Spring 2023

Colorado Street Safety Improvements

This is a Federal HSIP project to reconstruct Colorado Street at US 30 in order to eliminate line of sight issues and reconfigure drive access points to improve safety.  The pavement will be reconstructed and the signal at US30 and Colorado Street will be replaced. Dual left turn lanes onto US30 will be added. Click HERE for more information.

Status: In Progress June 2023

Duck Creek Tributary Restoration Project

The Tributary connects Deep River with Duck Creek and is a segment of the Deep River Portage Burns Waterway Watershed. Proposed work products include streambank stabilization, restoration work, and the installation of a riparian buffer along 0.2 miles of the Tributary. The project will achieve various objectives, including: (1) addressing erosion and improving water quality by reducing runoff contaminants and sediment; (2) improving in-stream and riparian habitat quality; and (3) reducing overbank flooding onto adjacent County Line Road, by improving on-site infiltration.

Status: In Progress June 2023

Virginia, Home, and Main Street Relining Project

Approximately 1,925 LF of sanitary sewer lining ranging from 8” to 15” sewers, cement lining sanitary sewer manholes, and other appurtenant work. Work to be performed in three different locations. (Alley between 39th and 40th Place on N Virginia Street, Home Avenue from Michigan to Kelly, and Main Street from 4th Street ~200 ft towards 3rd Street)

Status: July 2023

INDOT Culvert Replacement SR51

INDOT will be replacing the culvert on SR51 between Laura Lane and 10th Street.

Status: July to October 2023

73rd Avenue Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer MCD Project - Mississippi to Clay

The Merrillville Conservancy District will be constructing a Low Pressure Sewer System along 73rd Avenue from approximately Mississippi Street to Clay Street.  MCD and the HSD will be assisting home owners to connect to the sewer system and abandon their septic systems.

Status: Summer 2023

2023 - Reconstruction of Third Street (Ash to Lake Park Avenue) 

Complete reconstruction of the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, lighting and trees of 3rd Street from Ash Street to Lake Park Avenue.

Status: Fall 2023

Wisconsin Street Bridge

Lake County began a project to rebuild the Wisconsin Street Bridge over Lake George in the fall of 2017 to address structural issues.  This project is being coordinated with reconstruction of the Wisconsin Street causeway through Lake George by the City. At this time the project is planned to start in Fall of 2023.

Status: Fall 2023

Pool Playground

A centralized, attraction type playground is planned at the pool site.

Status: 2023

DES 1703043 INDOT SR51 Bridge Replacement

INDOT will be replacing the bridge that crosses over Deep River, south of 61st Avenue, during the summer of 2023.

Status: Updated to begin in Spring 2024

DES1801906 TRAX

The design of the railroad overpass at Colorado Street and the Canadian North/Grand Trunk & Western (CN/GTW) railroad is underway.  Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2023 with the street being closed for most of the nine month construction.

Status: Updated to begin in Spring 2024

2024 – Reconstruction of S LaSalle Street (W Third Street to W 49th Avenue)

Complete reconstruction of the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, lighting and trees of S LaSalle Street from W Third Street to W 49th Avenue.

Status:   Spring 2024

INDOT Culvert Replacement SR51 and SR130

INDOT Frog Creek Culvert replacement just North of the intersection of SR51 and SR130.

Status: April to July 2024

Marcella and 61st RAB

Design continues with the roundabout at the intersection of 61st Avenue and Marcella Boulevard.  The roundabout is proposed to be two lanes with construction work starting in 2024.  The intersection is expected to close for a period of six months during construction.  Marcella will not be able to start construction unless Northwind Parkway is open

Status: Summer 2024

INDOT RAB at SR51 and SR130

INDOT will be constructing a roundabout at the intersection of SR51 and SR130 to improve traffic flow and safety in 2023.

Status: July to September of 2024

Stinky Creek/Cressmoor Diversion Pipe

The HSD has been approved by the LCRBDC for assistance with the design, and ultimately the construction of, a storm water diversion tunnel from approximately Old Ridge Road at Hillman Park north to Deep River through Lake Station and New Chicago. The tunnel will also divert Turkey Creek Lateral 6 and may lower the flood waters in Lake George by as much as one foot.

Status: 2024

Virginia & Ash Sewer Repairs

Point repairs - Virginia Street & Ash Street

Status: Complete May 2023

2022 - Reconstruction of Delaware Street (Cleveland to Home) & Third Street (Wisconsin to Ash)

Delaware Street, adjacent to the newly opened Veterans Elementary School, has deteriorating pavement and no drainage system. This project will reconstruct the pavement and install storm sewers to make the street better able to handle the new traffic volume and types it is experiencing.  3rd Street has deteriorated, uneven pavement; crumbling filled in curbs; and a nearly 100 year old storm water system including brick manholes.  This project will remove and reconstruct the pavement, storm sewers and sidewalks from Wisconsin Street to Ash Street.

Status: Complete

37th Avenue Water Main Extension

City of Hobart 37th Avenue Water Main Extension - this project includes but is not limited to the installation of approximately 800 feet of 12-inch water main.  Inter-Agency Agreement with the BOW & HSD.

Status: Complete

69th Avenue

While Phase I was completed in 2020, Phase II will be completed in 2021.  Phase II includes the reconstruction and widening of 69th Avenue and the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of 69th Avenue and Colorado Street.

Status: Complete

Deep River Outfall

Completed in 2021, this project was the final phase of the downtown storm sewer reconstruction work.  This project replaced and increased the size of storm sewers under Main Street, Front Street, and Old Ridge Road to a new outfall to Deep River.  The project also included a large hydrodynamic separator to remove suspended solids from the storm water flow before it reaches Deep River.

Status: Complete

2021 - Resurfacing Multiple Streets and Sidewalk Work

Resurfacing 34th Place, 8th Street, Colorado Street, Frasier Lane, Home Avenue, Illinois Street, Kelly Street, E Hansen Boulevard, W Hansen Boulevard & 3rd Street.  The project will continue this year with resurfacing and sidewalk work on 8th Street from Wisconsin to Colorado Street, on 3rd Street from Colorado Street to the western dead end and on Home Avenue from Michigan to Kelly.

Status: Complete

2020 - Resurfacing Multiple Streets

Resurfacing 41st Ave, Lake Park Ave, Wisconsin Street, 2nd Street, East Street, Woodlawn Land, Softwood Drive, Bracken Parkway, 83rd Avenue

Status: Complete

INDOT 10th and Lincoln

INDOT will be constructing a right turn lane on southbound SR51 at 10th and Lincoln this summer.

Status: Complete

6th Street & Fleming Street Sanitary Sewer Installation Project 2020

6th Street (50/50), Fleming Street (80/20) septic elimination with the installation of gravity sanitary sewers on 6th Street & a low pressure system on Fleming Street.

Status: Complete

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