Fire Prevention & Inspections


The Hobart Fire Department uses the Indiana Fire Code, 2008 Edition (International Fire Code 2006 Edition, first printing). All amendments can be found on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website.

Plan Review

The Fire Department conducts reviews of nonstructural plans for all Class 1 structures. When applying for a building permit, a complete set of blueprints must be forwarded to the Fire Department for review. In many cases, state filing is also required. See the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website for specific requirements relating to State of Indiana plan reviews.

Business Inspections

Inspections are conducted on an annual basis by firefighters and inspectors. Inspections are a great asset in improving overall safety and continuity for business owners, customers, and firefighters. Through inspections we are able to identify potential hazards and code deficiencies. The Fire Department enforces the 2008 Indiana Fire Code (2008 International Fire Code with Indiana amendments). See the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website for amendments to the code.


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