Investigations & Detective Bureau


Community based information is very important to this bureau. Information / leads provided by citizens in and around our community have proven beneficial in a wide variety of cases. These leads have resulted in the successful prosecution and incarceration of many violent offenders, bringing closure to victims and their families. We urge members of the community and surrounding area to continue to provide helpful information. With your help and our level of dedication, together we will keep our community safe and bring justice to those in need. Citizens can feel free to call the Investigations Bureau at 219-942-3406 or email:

Leads Online

Leads Online is a invaluable investigative tool that allows law enforcement to be more efficient. In the past, investigators would spend hours combing through pawn sheets or physically checking each business. With Leads Online we now have the capability of checking hundreds of pawn shops at the click of the mouse. This system allows you to search by suspect name, serial number, and the description of the item stolen.

Protect Your Valuables

Citizens can also utilize this service by going to the Leads Online website: Report It. Any citizen can enter into the site and log all their valuables by serial number and description.

If you are the victim of a theft or a burglary of your residence, you simply report it to the Police Department and the investigator will contact Leads Online and get the detailed list of your valuables. The investigator will be able to monitor pawn shops through Leads Online and receive notifications if any of the items were sold at pawn shops.


The Investigation Division consists of seven detectives who have over 120 years combined law enforcement experience. Detectives investigate a wide array of crimes including fraud, burglary, armed robbery, narcotics violations, and homicides. This unit works diligently with a team-based approach to solve crimes.


This Investigation Division strives toward professionalism, integrity, and accountability while working toward successful conclusions to our investigations and maintaining good working relationship with surrounding agencies.

SERV Division:

The System to End Repeated Violence (SERV) Team, which is lead by Detective Sergeant R. Brazil, is a specialized unit within the Hobart Police Department that was developed due to a recognized need within the Hobart community, in relation to individuals affected by violent crimes. These crimes include domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking-related crimes. 

Please click here to read our SERV brochure(PDF) and for more information.