Patrol Services

Patrol Services

The patrol unit is the most visible component of the Hobart Police Department. Patrol officers are the ones that respond to every call for service that is dispatched. Patrol works 24/7. Primary duties include, but are not restricted to, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, arrests, and crime prevention.


Patrol is staffed by 44 sworn officers, including sergeants and corporals. Patrol Services consists of four patrol turns. Each turn is run by a first sergeant. Patrol is run by a Captain and Lieutenant.


There are two twelve-hour shifts per day. 

Included within the turns are five K-9 officers, as well as officers who are specially trained in a multitude of areas to handle everything from traffic crash reconstruction and evidence collection to SWAT services.


Patrol is assigned the task of responding to a large variety of calls. Some examples of Patrol Services responsibilities include:

  • Conducting traffic enforcement
  • Traffic crash investigations
  • Conducting criminal investigations
  • Making arrests
  • Preventing criminal activity
  • Initiating crime prevention efforts
  • Enforcing state laws and local ordinances within the City of Hobart

Hobart Police Interceptors