Fatal Vision


Our Fatal Vision program is designed to inform through demonstration the effects of alcohol abuse. We are able to give a sober individual the experience of being intoxicated through our Fatal Vision Goggles. The individual may then be asked to perform such tasks as they would experience in an OWI (operating while intoxicated) stop. These tasks include walking a straight line and holding one foot in the air. At some larger events we are able to set up a test course for individuals to experience the impairment effect of the goggles while driving a golf-cart on a test course. Also included in our program is an Intoxiclock. The Intoxiclock is a computer based device that by inputting a person’s height and weight can estimate how many drinks it would take them to reach the legal intoxication level to drive, as well as an estimated time it would take for them to sober up.

This program is a portable program and can be scaled to the needs and space requirements for nearly all events and locations. To inquire about having a Fatal Vision presentation at your event or location, please contact the Public Relations office at 219-942-1125 ext. 1070.

For more information about our Fatal Vision program view our Fatal Vision Brochure(PDF).