Recycling & Sanitation

Recycling Brochure

Recycling Collection

All recycling stops are in front of the house and collected on a weekly basis. No recycling will be collected from alleys. All persons recycling must use toters that have been provided by the city. 

Items that are collected by the city include: 

  • Newspaper 
  • Cardboard
  • Glass and Plastic Containers
  • Metal or Aluminum Cans

Trash Collection

The Sanitation Department collects regular household trash once per week in City issued containers. Each City issued toter has a serial number which is kept on file at the Public Works Department


  • The city does not collect tires, oil, paint, or electronics.
  • All trash should be kept in City issued toters.
  • City issued trash/recycling toters are property of the City of Hobart and have to be returned to the Public Works Department should you move or vacate residence.
  • The City will collect a fee from a resident for toters that are missing or damaged due to failure of a resident to properly secure and maintain the container.
  • Toters cannot be placed out more than 24 hours before collection day and must be removed after pickup.
  • On pickup days, cans have to be placed out before 7 a.m.
  • No compostable materials should be placed in toters or plastic bags.
  • No construction material to be placed in city owned cans.

Toter Placement


Toters are to be placed on easements or road with the arrow on top of the lid pointing to the center of the road

Toters placed in the road have to have the wheels against the curb

Cans have to be placed 3-4 feet apart

Toters blocked by cars, mailboxes, light poles, trees, or other objects will be left

Only debris in city owned cans will be collected

For information on obtaining an additional garbage toter, please click on link below:

Additional Toter Application 

Special Pickup

A special pickup consists of any item placed outside of the city provided toter. These items are picked up separately and they must be called in for collection. There is a minimum charge of $15.00 for special pickups. Pickups will be made as soon as practical, after a request is received by the Department of Public Works. Charges will be added to your bill from the Hobart Sanitary District.


  • No hazardous waste will be collected.
  • Large piles and cement will have an additional charge placed on them.
  • No debris from remodeling or construction will be collected by the city.


Electronics may be brought in for recycling to the City Yard free of charge. Residents requesting curbside pick-up will require a $10.00 charge per item, the charge will be placed on your sewer bill.

Latex Paint Recycling

Please visit our paint recycling page for information about this program.

Holiday Collection

Trash, recycling, and compost (seasonal) will not be collected on city holidays. Our men will be doing two-day collections, so make sure you have your trash out by 7 a.m. They may not get to your house until late afternoon or early evening. Holiday Schedule

Special Note

Grass, dirt, brick, cinder blocks, asphalt, concrete, or shingles are not allowed in toters and cannot be called as special pickups. These items are not covered by city services and must be disposed of by homeowners.

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