61st Avenue Joint Commission

In March of 2017, the Council adopted Ordinance 2017-05, repealing Ordinance 2009-15 which enabled the establishment of the 61st Avenue Joint Commission, as the duties of the Commission were substantially performed at the successful completion of the 61st Avenue Improvement Project, Phase Three.  The information below is provided for historical value only.


Created in 2009 by Ordinance 2009-15, the 61st Avenue Joint Governing Commission was formed to exercise powers of the Redevelopment Commission and Board of Public Works and Safety to provide greater coordination and cooperation in the management of the various phases of the 61st Avenue Improvement Project.

An interlocal agreement defines the purposes and powers of the commission, which was made to unify the decision making, planning, design, construction, supervision, and management of the project into a single city entity in order to increase coordination and improve the efficiency of carrying out the project.

 The 61st Avenue Improvement Project includes the work of improving 61st Avenue from its intersection with Colorado Street eastward to its intersection with Lake Park Avenue (State Road 51).


The commission has a total of five members, two from the Board of Public Works and Safety (one of which is the mayor) and three members appointed by the Redevelopment Commission.

Archived Agendas