Leaf Schedule

Leaf Collection

FALL LEAF COLLECTION Leaf crews will be vacuuming leaves curbside beginning October 18th and ending in December, weather permitting. The Street Department has a regular route starting on the east end of town and working west until the entire city is serviced; then, the department starts their route over again.  Please rake leaves to the curb for collection. Leaves should be placed in a narrow pile on the city easement, within 5 feet of the street. 


Calling when yard work is complete is not necessary due to the fact that we follow a schedule and will be by as soon as possible. 
  • Please do not rake leaves into streets, ditches, or drainage swales as they will block storm drains.
  • Do not put leaves in cans or plastic bags.
  • We will not return for leaf piles passed due to vehicle obstruction.
  • Leaf piles should be free of rocks, sticks, bricks, garbage, and other foreign objects.
  • Leaves should not be placed by mailboxes, power line guide wires, or utility poles.
  • No leaves or leaf bags will be picked up from alleyways.

Route Schedules

Once the collection season begins, schedules will be posted daily for the following day.

October 18th
Starting on County Line Rd working east. Nob Hill, Rand East, Palm Gardens, Spence Annex, Co. Line Rd, Arbor Lane, Hillcrest Area, Fraser Lane, Liberty Area, Hidden Lake, and Topper Annex (off of N Lake Park), Hollywood.
October 19th 
South End (5th St to 16th from Co Line Rd to S. Lake Park), Barrington, Deep River Pointe.
October 20th
Villa Shores, Cressmoor,  Oak Hill Trailer Park, George Earle, Mundell, Casner's, 8th Pl, Cardinal ct, River Terrace
October 21st
Laurawood, Barrington West, Csokasy, Metz Subdivision, Arizona st, Deep River Estates, Cherry Lane, Greenwood Terrace (Pill Hill)
October 22nd
Crestwood, Sussex, West Hobart, Mississippi to HIllman Heights, Rt 6 to 41st ave, Midget 
Farms, Glenwood, and Brookview
October 25th
Amber Creek, Merrillville Heights, South Annex (Mississippi to St rd 51, 61st ave to 83rd ave)
Weather Permitting